“Lost fortune”

Αναπαραγωγή του βίντεο


Katerina Lomvardea follows the efforts of hundreds of descendants of Greeks from Asia Minor who, after an entire century, claim compensation for the life insurances lost by their ancestors as a result of the tragedy in Asia Minor, in 1922. With the unique history of one of the liveliest pieces of Hellenism of the previous century in the backdrop, “The new Files” meet the Greeks and Armenians who are today claiming the money that was never received from their ancestors. The Armenian lawyer who started everything, Vartkes Yeghiayan, talks on camera about how he discovered the existence of a list of insured people, and his efforts to trace the offspring of the deceased. Katerina Lomvardea also talks to the great-granddaughter of Efstratios Sapountzakis, the Greek personal florist of the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, about her family’s effort to find and reconstitute the pieces from their past, and claim the lost money. Finally, exclusively on the “New Files”, the first Vice-President of the American company that insured Greeks and Armenians, William Werfelman, talks about the voluntary program for the reimbursement of Greek heirs and officially announces the expiration – in the coming days – of the deadline for the submission of claims.


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