The Greek Battalion

Αναπαραγωγή του βίντεο


Alexis Papahelas tells the unknown story of the Greek saboteurs of the U.S. military, trained to land in Greece and fight alongside the resistance during the Nazi withdrawal from southeastern Europe. The New Files follows one of the Greek-American heroes as he returns, 64 years later, to the village used as a base by this extraordinary team of demolition experts. For the first time ever, unseen archive footage is brought to light of the top-secret training undergone by the Greek-American recruits on American military bases, plus rare photos of their lives in the villages of the Greek countryside. Several of the surviving Greek-American veterans speak to Alexis Papahelas about their dangerous missions in Greece, their joint operations with Aris Velouchiotis, and the day they arrived in newly-liberated Athens. The New Files reveals the secret ‘Greek Battalion’ – a secret kept well-hidden for over fifty years by the U.S. secret services.


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