Negotiating with Skopje: Behind Closed Doors


In an in-depth report, The New Files examines the question of the naming of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, looking back over the history of the diplomatic dispute that began in 1991 and continues today. For the first time, top-level politicians and diplomats speak to Alexis Papahelas about want went on behind the scenes. In a revealing interview, former Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis speaks openly about the talks, the negotiations, the rival political leaders, the ‘mistakes’ and the opportunities to solve the problem that went wasted. Antonis Samaras, then Foreign Minister, also speaks exclusively to Alexis Papahelas about the ‘Milosevic proposals’ and the drama and high tensions behind the negotiations abroad as well as his difficult relationship with Mitsotakis. The people at the very heart of the dispute lay their cards on the table for The New Files: former FYROM president, Kiro Gligorov, expert adviser to the Foreign Office, Evaggelos Kofos, then Greek Ambassador to the U.S., Christos Zacharakis, and former Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Eleftherios Karagiannis, all speak about the diplomatic struggles of the decade while former Foreign Minister Theodoros Pangalos sheds light on the efforts made by the Simitis and Papandreou governments. Finally, watch the recent interview of FYROM Foreign Minister, Antonio Milososki by The New Files.