The SIEMENS Slush Fund

Αναπαραγωγή του βίντεο


In a major report, Tasos Telloglou investigates the Greek withdrawals and deposits from the slush fund operated by the major German conglomerate, SIEMENS. The web of perhaps the greatest corporate corruption scandal is unraveled in a revealing report with strands running from Athens to Monaco. The New Files obtain a major part of the evidence gathered by the District Attorney in Monaco, revealing details of offshore companies, Greek accounts and the millions in bank accounts in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Tasos Telloglou travels to the shareholders’ meeting of perhaps the most important tech-stock in Europe and speaks with the unsettled stockholders and workers, as well as the president of the company about SIEMENS’s ‘peculiar’ amnesty program. Step-by-step, he traces the German police’s investigations: from the early morning raid on the SIEMENS headquarters in Monaco, to testimonies about the accounts used to pay bribes for Olympic security projects and fund the 2004 election campaigns. Exclusively on The New Files, the people behind the investigations and the signed testimonies about SIEMENS ‘black’ political money in Athens.


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