20.11.2012: The critical Eurogroup and the German envoy

Αναπαραγωγή του βίντεο


Live from Athens, Brussels and New York the New Files report on the important Eurogroup meeting to decide on the continuation of the Greek program. At the New Files studio Alexis Papahelas hosts professor in the Department of Banking & Financial Management at the University of Piraeus and advisor to former Prime Minister Gikas Hardouvelis as well as President of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy Loukas Tsoukalis. In Brussels Director of the influential European Centre for European Policy Studies Daniel Gros explains why Eurozone's future is at stake while Douglas A. Warner III Professor of Economics at Yale University Costas Meghir highlights the importance of this Eurogroup meeting for the Greek economy. Also, live from Brussels Kathimerini correspondent Nikos Hrysoloras and Wall Street Journal reporter Matina Stevis provied live updates on the Eurogroup meeting.  

 In addition, just hours after protesters stormed a building where Greek and German officials were meeting and pelted German Consul  with coffee cups and water bottles reacting to the presence of German envoy Hans-Joachim Fuchtel the New Files' Tasos Telloglou sits down with Fuchtel and discusses the German diplomat's reaction to the events. Telloglou also meets mayor of Thessaloniki Giannis Boutaris, who apart from hosting the Greek-German meeting is one of the local officials who are responsible for implementing a new government scheme aimed at restructuring municipal agencies and ultimately leading to the letting go of a number of municipal workers. The New Files also meet with leader of Greece's municipal workers union Themis Balasopoulos, who was one of the main organizers of the protest that led to the arrest of at least three municipal workers.  


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