13.11.2012 A critical vote and the German who loves Greece


Just hours after the voting of the latest austerity measures and the national budget at the Greek parliament Alexis Papahelas hosts a roundtable on the day after for the Greek economy. What are the latest projections on the Greek debt sustainability, the unemployment rates and what would the endgame be for the Greek recession?  Would the solution be a debt write-off, a debt haircut or a Greek Euro exit? University of Athens Political Economist and former government advisor George Pagoulatos, chief economist of Alpha Bank Michalis Masourakis and Economics professor Kostas Lapavitsas of SOAS debate what lies ahead for the Greek economy. In addition, Alexis Papahelas talks to chief of staff at the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany Andreas Defner in light of the publishing of his second book on Greece. Defner, who claims Greece is his second homeland, explains to Papahelas why he felt the need to explain to the Germans through his latest book entitled “Filotimo” the complex array of virtues that “Filotimo” constitutes of – a Greek word famous for its lack of translation in foreign languages and how seminal is his analyses of the Greek psyche to the current European debt crisis.