The Parade


On the 25th of March, 1944, almost all of the residents of Ioannina are gathered in front of the church of St. Athanasios where the bishop is conducting the traditional service of The Annunciation. A mere five hundred meters away in the centre of town, two thousand of the city’s Jews are gathered with their children and thirty kilos of baggage. They are to board the German trucks that will take them to the Nazi concentration camps. One survivor of the holocaust tells Tasos Telloglou, “That day it was like we were the ones going on parade.” Sixty-four years later, The New Files and Tasos Telloglou search for the fate of the Jews from Ioannina, examining the detailed Nazi records that for the first time have been brought to light. Traveling between Ioannia, Germany and Tel Aviv, and through photographs taken by the propaganda arm of the Wehrmacht, The New Files uncover the unknown story of the Jews of Ioannina.