The Greek Madoff


He is one of the most well-known stockbrokers in Athens, with publications in prestigious financial newspapers. His clients were doctors, businessmen and professors with sonorous names who trusted him blindly. Until one morning, a truck stopped outside his office in the center of Athens to pick up boxes, documents and archival material from the company of a man whom even some close friends today call “the Greek Madoff”. Tasos Telloglou unfolds the exciting story of the stockbroker who turned his clients into his persecutors when, after the outburst of the financial crisis, he denied them – as they say – the return of their money, which today amounts to almost ten million euros. For the first time, on the “New Files”, the Greek businessman who realized early on that he had to withdraw his money talks to Tasos Telloglou and likens his case to “a movie by Agatha Christie, in which we knew all along who the murderer was”. An investigation on the man who was sued twice, but no authority paid attention to his background, the stockbroker who did not have a license from the Greek Stock Exchange but yet managed to handle huge amounts in one of the most curious cases of the Greek stock market, set against the financial crisis.