The Greek Left: 1968 – 1989


Exactly 40 years ago in a villa on the outskirts of Budapest, the 12th Plenary Conference of the then outlawed Communist Party of Greece (KKE) takes place. It triggers a schism in the party. I fell from the clouds,” says Leonidas Kirkos in his exclusive interview with Alexis Papahelas, while current Secretary General of the Communist Party, Aleka Papariga, claims characteristically that the rift, “brought with it salvation.” For the first time on Greek television, Alexis Papahelas tells the story of the days of unity and the difficult days of division of the Greek Left. From the February, 1968 break-up, to the ‘Ecumenical Government’ (the Unified Coalition Government) formed with the right and the 1989 arraignment of Andreas Papandreou before the Supreme Court