The Greek Crisis: behind closed doors - part 3


“The New Files” present in a six part series, the year long research of Alexis Papahelas, Eleni Varvitisoti and Aggelos Petropoulos, on how Greece, a member of the Euro zone, ended up needing an EU-IMF bailout as well as a rescue plan to save its failing economy. For the first time on Greek television all the events that led to the crisis through the recollections and testimonies of all major figures in Greece and abroad who shaped them. Politicians who had to take hard decisions, European leaders who had to confront their parliaments in order to save the Euro, the ECB’s unprecedented battle to keep the Euro intact, the IMF’s mission to form for a never-before-tested formula to save a European state from default and economists who were sending alarming messages behind closed doors, while the crisis was deepening. A real-life political thriller that unravels for the viewer to watch: secret political clashes, the undercover consultations between reluctant allies and the way crucial decisions were taken leading up to May 2010, when the first adjustment program for Greece was signed. The President of the Eurogroup, Jean Claude Juncker, ECB board member Juergen Stark, head of the IMF delegation in Greece, Pooul Thompsen, ex- ministers of finance, George Alogoskoufis, Yannis Papathanasiou, and George Papakonstantinou, the director of Greek Central Bank George Provopoulos, Ministers and leading members of the Greek Parliament along with leading Economists and European governments’ advisors provide their on camera testimony and reveal the background that determined the way forward in the Greek crisis.