Cyprus: the Missing


32 years after the division of Cyprus, Alexis Papachelas traveled to the island to investigate the mystery surrounding the missing Greeks and Cypriots that remains to this day unsolved.

In a quest for answers, a process began since 1999, in which mass graves are being opened, bones are collected and DNA samples used as a verification method in order to let family and friends in Greece and Cyprus find out what happened to their loved ones. The team in charge of this investigation recounted on camera the difficulties and obstacles they faced in their search for truth

“The Files” also talked to the agents of EYP (Greek Secret Service) who attempted to locate the whereabouts of living prisoners of war in Turkey. The key figures that conducted this investigation, Savas Kalenderidis and Basilis Giannopoulos, talked for the first time and revealed facts and figures that were kept well hidden for 32 years.

In Athens and Nicosia “The Files” searched for the secret lists documenting the missing people and the truth behind the political games played for years. The team also visited the charnel house, where hope for hundreds of restless families lies.

 Former Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktas talked to Alexis Papachelas, and admits on camera the mass executions of prisoners carried out by extremist Turkish Cypriots. He also clearly supported that there was never an investigation to identify and charge the executioners. In an extraordinary confession a man that came back from the inferno of Turkish Prisons, described the tortures he had to endure.

Finally, Alexis Papachelas took a closer look at the story of Hristakis Loizos, the child that went missing in 1974 when he was only 5 years old. This is the only case of a missing person that was investigated extensively by both the Republic of Cyprus and the TRNC. The mother of Hristakis, Mirofora Loizou, described the adventure she went through in her search for her son. “The Files” traveled behind the Green Line as they were in search of Loizos. Last but not least, on the same broadcast Mr. Denktas admited that a few months after the 5 year old child went missing he had important information that he was still alive….