The Imia crisis


In February of 2005 "The Files" re-opened the file of the Imia crisis of '96, a night-long crisis that almost led Greece and Turkey to war. For the first time in 9 years later, a member of the Greek Special Forces that spent that night on the eastern Imia island, talked to Alexis Papahelas and revealed what he saw. He also described how his team saw the invasion of the Turkish Special Forces on the western Imia island without being able to react at all, as well as the critical moment that he and the members of his team were ordered to lower the Greek flag. "The Files" also revealed how the second Greek Special Force team’s lack of batteries literally prevented an armed conflict between Greek and Turkish Special Forces on the western Imia island. "It was a fortunate coincidence that prevented the outbreak of a war" stated a Greek official at the time. On the same special broadcast, excerpts of the last communication logs between the helicopter that crushed into the Aegean sea on early morning of January 31st, a crash that led to the tragic death of 3 Greek officers were presented for the first time. "The Files" with this hour-long report also disclosed the conclusions of the official report on the causes of the crash, a document that reveals the orders that the helicopter crew had, the actual circumstances of the accident as well as the lack of coordination between Greek officials.